Ken Spooner

Iconic artist Ken Spooner, now in his 70s, shows no sign of slowing down his creative output. His paintings, ceramics, sculptures, photographs and assemblages show a true reflection of the artist’s restless and uncompromising nature.

Ken Spooner was born in Leek, Staffordshire and lives in Penwith, West Cornwall.

Despite receiving no formal art training, he was awarded a 1st Class (hons) degree in Fine Art by North Staffordshire University in the mid 1950s.

He was represented and exhibited at Gallery County West in San Fransisco, USA from 1980 – 85 and Gallery Five o’Clock in Lausanne, Switzerland from 1992 – 99.


Date(s): 25th September - 19th October 2019

Location: Cornwall Contemporary, 1 Parade Street, Penzance.