Furse Sanders Solicitors

Furse Sanders Solicitors

With offices in Cornwall, Devon and London, we work with people from all walks of life who have strived to achieve something for themselves and their families, who want to feel they are in safe hands but they also want a much better service than they may have had before.

You may want to come to us because you are anxious about dealing with a solicitor even if you have used one before.

You want to deal with someone local who knows what they are doing and because you are relying on someone else you don't want to feel stressed about what's going on as you aren't control.

With friendly staff we can provide that personal local touch and yet enable you to feel confident that there is a solid modern firm standing behind everything. We want to you feel you have as much control as possible so we establish a frequency for regular updates, make sure you understand what happens next and what that may cost and how long it may take.

Come and get a different experience. One that you may not have had before when dealing with a law firm but always wanted.

Contact us today or pop into one of our offices for a chat about what you want to achieve.